Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blissful Bites #8

I haven’t been checked in for a while. I find that after long days at work, it’s challenging to come home and get online. I have lots of stuff I often want to share, and no energy to do so. I am working on that.

This week’s blissful bites includes a week of the hubs getting off work early and having dinner ready when I got home from work! You see, I cook in our house. Pretty much every day, I am responsible for dinner. I get home usually about 30 minutes to an hour before him, so it makes sense. But this week has been lovely! We (or maybe just me?!) are dreaming of the time that his schedule will permanently change and the cooking responsibilities will be shared more often.

Sun breaks! I was born and raised in Oregon. The rain does not faze me. To be honest, I get more annoyed with all the complaining about the rain, than the rain itself. This week has been particularly rainy, and I have completely enjoyed the sun breaks we have had. I try to find a sunny spot and soak it in.

Bocce in my front yard. The hubs is a huge bocce fan. When we moved to this house we both were excited about the yard. Wednesday, after the kiddo went to bed, the hubs and I played a few rounds of bocce together in our beautiful yard. It was a lovely spring evening and the impromptu date was wonderful!

This week has been all about Game of Thrones. We ordered HBO so that we could watch season 5 of True Blood (starts Sunday. Yipee!). I accidentally ordered it a week early, so we have been watching all the on demand shows that we’ve heard about, but have never seen (Game of Thrones, Girls, Treme). We blew through the first season of GOT and are now two episodes in to season two. I am a little bit lost, and totally diggin it.

Now I am looking forward to weekend! The hubs if fixing up our bikes and we hope to check out the local trail. Hope you have all been able to find a little bit of bliss in your week…


  1. What a fabulous week. I like how you focus on the glimpses of sun vs. the rain. I don't know why we feel such a need to complain about the weather.

  2. In Utah we get more sun than rain so no complaints here. Enjoy your HBO shows.

  3. Wonderful list. That was lovely for your husband to cook dinner, so very thoughtful. Enjoy your shows!