Friday, October 1, 2010

apparently I bought a ticket to overwhelmedville...

Well back into my first week of my final year of grad school. I am really excited to be back. I loved see old friends, and enjoyed meeting some new folks too! My classes are all great, the work load doesn't seem to overwhelming so far. I got to do two days at my internship, both of which were great. I am looking forward to getting to work with clients, hopefully sooner than later.

On the work front, well not much going on there. I was notified by the employment department that I have qualified for the Training Unemployment Insurance program. It was created for displaced workers that could better their job situation if they got an associates or were less than two years from finishing their undergrad degree. I applied for the program last fall, but they denied me. I decided that I would try again this time and since I am over 1/2 done, they made an exception. All it means is that I do not have to actively be looking for work while I am in school. It doesn't give me a bump in the amount that I receive weekly (a whooping $97 after taxes)and the program will end the day I get my degree.

I am still looking for work. I had a second interview on Wednesday. It seemed to go really well until the second to last question. It felt like they wanted a really specific answer and I guess I wasn't understanding exactly what they wanted me to say. I was told that I would hear either way by today and as I haven't heard anything, I am assuming I didn't get the job. So yeah, i am feeling a little stressed about how it will all play out. i am trying really hard to keep a good game face on, not get to stressed out and do the best that I can with what I have. It's all I can do right now.

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