Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I did it!

Wow! Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I am done with grad school, again. In ten short days I'll be walking across the stage receiving my diploma. It seems so surreal.

This time two years ago, I had just left BAH and literally on a whim, had applied for the MSW program. I had been talking about doing it for a couple of years, but I already had a Masters, and a job that I loved, so why bother. Then when BAH hired a new ED and it became crystal clear that we were not going to be able to work together in a meaningful fashion, I took the opportunity to get out. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but everywhere I applied, they wanted a MSW, not and MPA even with 12 years of experience. So back to school I went.

I am really glad that I made that choice. I am so lucky that I was afford the opportunity the way I was. The universe has a plan for me, of this I am sure. I have been blessed with amazing internships, part-time jobs that have helped keep our family afloat, a loving partner who even when he might not have wanted to, was always supportive, new colleagues that challenged me to be a better social worker, and friends that were always cheering me on. And we did it! We made it through.

Now it's on to the next adventure. Who knows what the universe holds, but I know whatever it is, I am really excited for it. So, thank you everyone who supported me along the way. I felt the support daily, and can't wait to pay it back in spades!

Woooohooooo! I'm done with grad school!!

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  1. Congratulations! I told you the doldrums would go away and they did.