Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm exhausted.

We are buying a house. In fact, we close this week and will have keys in our hands this coming Friday at 5pm. I am both overwhelmed by the process of buying a house and the actual moving part.

We are doing pretty good. For the most part, we have shared the duties of packing pretty equally. I have picked up the slack the last two days and I know that he will do most of the heavy lifting come the end of the week, so it all works out in my mind.

I am ready to get settled in. It's a much bigger space than we have been living in for the last few years, which is really exciting. We have all been on top of each other and it's hard not to be in each others space in our little apartment. At the new house we have four bedrooms. Two are upstairs in the "master suite" as we like to call it. Two more are on the main floor. One will be the kiddo's room and the other the guest/family room. There is a much bigger kitchen, a breakfast nook, and actual dining room area. I am excited about the idea that we will all finally get to sit down and dine with each other comfortably.

I am excited about our first Halloween with pumpkins lining the porch. I can't wait to have family together as we host Christmas dinner. I am excited for next spring planting my garden and having space for flowers to grow. I am looking forward to birthday parties, celebrations, potlucks and BBQ's.

But first, I have a few more boxes to pack...

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