Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Solstice!

Today, about an hour ago Solstice began! From here until Summer Solstice the days will be getting longer - woohooo. I love winter. I love this time of year. I wasn't always a solstice celebrator. I have Stacy Bias to thank for that.

Five years ago she hosted a Solstice party and invited me along. She asked us all to come prepared with the things we wanted to manifest into our lives and the things we wanted to let go of. I took her suggestion very seriously and for weeks leading up to the party spent time collecting my thoughts, narrowing down what I wanted and becoming very specific about what I was asking for.

When I arrived that night, Stacy had a collection of beautiful stationary and pens for us to write our desires on. I remember pulling out my little list from my pocket and writing everything down in two columns. I was very proud of what I had come up with and felt very hopeful for the upcoming year.

Around midnight, we all gathered in the very cold and clear new winter air around a campfire. A friend of Stacy's sang a prayer and then Stacy led us through a mindfulness exercise to open our hearts and mind to the changes we were hoping for.

Writing this, I can smell the campfire and feel the coldness in my limbs. I can feel the tears running down my cheeks and taste their saltiness on my lips. Slowly, one by one we tossed our beautiful lists into the flames and let our hopes and dreams catch fire and be carried on smokey tendrils into the universe. It was a power night for me. I do believe that I manifested many of the changes that came that year. I tell Alan all the time that I manifested him into my life that night.

Sadly, I have never celebrated Solstice quite so intentionally as I did that night, yet every year I still have a short list that I meditate on as fall asleep. So, Happy Solstices, friends and may this year bring you many wonderful experiences, growth and change.

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