Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blissful Bites #4

This has been an interesting week for me. I feel quite refreshed even though nothing major changed in my schedule. It was a non-kiddo week, which honestly often means cramming in appointments, working later and engaging outside the home more. Yet this week seemed more refreshing.

1)My amazing hubs spent the week figuring and re-figuring our tax situation. You see, we learned that if we file jointly and collect all those lovely married folks tax credits, my student loan payment will be nearly as much as our mortgage. Buuuuut, if we file separately, we don't get to use any of our tax credits and have to pay a little out of pocket, but my loan payment will be very manageable. You might ask how this is a blissful moment, well, let me tell you how. My hubs has taken the lead on this daunting task, with out me asking, and is being super supportive about something that causes me great anxiety. He's balancing me out, and that is truly blissful!

2) I am getting close to being inspired! Well, let me rephrase that. I am totally inspired, just overwhelmed. I have enjoying many creative blogs lately and have felt inspired to make my own art, and I am totally freaked out by the process. I took my first step this week. Friday night the hubs and I checked out Craft Warehouse, where I loaded up on canvas, acrylics, paint brushes, paper, yarn and crochet hooks. Now I have them all laid out on my craft table and I just stare at them. I'm getting there. When the time is right, I'll create and in the mean time, it's totally blissful being surrounded by it all.

3)The hubs and I met with a new couples counselor and really liked him. He had useful parenting ideas and ways for us to support each other in the challenges of partnering for life. As a therapist, I think it's important to keep working at relationships and to try hard not to get complacent. We are two unique individuals who have decided to create a family together, this is not always an easy task. Support from someone outside of us, that can help bring perspective and support to our adventure, is incredibly blissful.

4) A day off! I spent Saturday in my jammies until 2p. I slept late, watched tv, drank coffee, ate when I felt like it, enjoyed the company of the hubs, was pleasantly surprised when he fixed my car for me, and spent the evening watching a good movie with friends. It was a lovely day, unlike any I have had of recent. I am blessed that my hubs created the space for this to happen. It was truly blissful!

How about you? Where did you experience bliss in your life this past week? Share it below!

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