Wednesday, December 25, 2013

It's Christmas morning 2013. I am working this year, which I haven't done in a very long time.  I am pretty ambivalent about working today.  We didn't have any plans this year and I really miss my family.

Having split custody makes holidays challenging.  Unfortunately we have exchange day  for my step-son, the day after Christmas.  This has meant that last four years we have had to shorten or not take trips.  One year we were going to take him to Alaska to spend a week with my family and have a white Christmas, however his mother was not willing to be flexible and getting back the day after was just going to be too expensive.  Last year we drove home from my parents two hours away,  right after dinner.  It just hasn't been the same.

I miss gathering with my family and extended family.  I miss weeks of holiday parties leading up to Christmas.  I miss caroling with friends.  I miss watching cheesy movies together as a family.  I miss decorating together.  I miss baking together.  I miss watching football together.  I miss watching everyone open their gifts with glee.  I miss my mom making Puffs and Jam for breakfast.  I miss Christmas Eve pizza dinner and Christmas day feast.  I miss the enjoyment of the season and just being surrounded by those I love.  

I know life changes and people are busy.  I just always thought these activities and company is how my life would be.  I am bummed to not get to carry on traditions with my family.  I can't wait for the Christmas we get to spend together again as a family -Nena and Pa, all the boys, my hubsy and even the stinky dogs!    

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