Sunday, June 27, 2010

Settling in

I can hardly believe it's almost July. With the grey cooler weather and me being in summer school, it seems like we aren't really haven't reached summer yet. I am hoping the weather will change up a bit. We have had a few days of sun, which has been lovely. I am hoping it sticks around next week when the kiddo comes back.

Speaking of the kiddo, it's been fun having him a week at a time. Our summer schedule is a week with mom then a week with dad. It so nice having him around. Plus, being here for a week gives us some good time together. We get to settle in more as a family. With the old schedule, it seemed like we were always going at a break neck pace to fit in all the stuff families want to do together and in our Friday night through Sunday 8am restrictions, there was never enough time.

Our first week of summer together we got to do some bbq-ing, adventures around town, Gage got a hair cut that he picked out himself, we got him a few more clothing items to round out his summer wardrobe, Pa & Nena came to visit, lots of bike riding, a boat ride on the Willamette, family movie night at the Kennedy School, a play date with his friend Avery, and he got to do some reading - which he loves.

It's been nice hanging out just the two of us during the days Alan works from the office. I am working really hard to make sure that Gage gets to have a fun relaxing summer. I want him to get to hang out with his friends, hopefully make some new ones, get to do some activities and enjoy being a kiddo for a little bit longer. He is rounding that corner into middle school and not wanting anything to do with us anymore. I remember it. I am working hard at building a trusting respectful relationship with him. I try to model open, direct and ethical communication. I want him to know he can talk to me about whatever is bothering him and I am not going to flip out or discredit his feelings.

Being a parent is hard. I am not saying that in a 'whoa is me' sort of way. I am just honoring all the work, love, frustration, happiness, joy, and heartbreak that goes into helping another human being grow up in this crazy world. Props to all my friends who have been doing it way longer than I have. Being a step-parent presents a whole different set of challenges, so again, props to all my friends who have sat where I am sitting today. I am so blessed to have such a loving supportive birth and chosen family who have been such great role models of how to create a loving caring family. They are constantly a support for both Alan and I. They offer us guidance, support, and sometimes just a shoulder to cry on and a wise ear to listen to us as we struggle and succeed at being good parents.

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  1. Yay for Liv, the step-mom! Step-parents can be awesome, just like "real" parents. I had a step-dad, who I now just call Dad, growing up. It was tough, for sure, in the early days. But now, we're great pals and I'm so glad that I have two dads.