Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"...and what do you do as a social activist?"

I was asked the other day in the comment section of the blog, what I do as a social activist? I have to admit, I was a little intimidated by the question at first. My immediate thought was, "what if I don't answer it correctly?" Then, I gave myself a little nose-wrinkling and reminded myself that I get to tell my own story, speak my own truth and be comfortable in what I believe. That being said, this was my answer.

"I consider myself a social justice activist on many levels. Part of that is how I choose to practice in my professional life. I am a therapist and really try to operate from a place that there is not "one right way" to serve people. I try to continually look at/shake up systems that impact those I serve and the community I choose to live in. I strive to pay attention to where I have unearned power and privilege, and how I can try to share/give away that power to others. On a very personal level, as someone that often does not fit into societal standards, I try to live my life intentionally, taking up space and not ask for forgiveness for who I am. Short story long, that's how I feel I am a social justice activist in my life."

So, to all my social justice activists out there, what do you do as a social (justice) activist?

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