Sunday, January 29, 2012

Little Bliss List!

I believe I mentioned before falling in love with this website. I stumbled upon Liv (pronounced leeev, not like "Live Strong") when looking for ideas for Christmas. She creates some really positive and affirming art and has a store on Etsy. Anyway, on her blog, she has created a weekly post dedicated to recognizing the moments of bliss in her life. She invites others to post their own list and link with her. I wanted to do this last week, and didn't get it together in time. This week I figured what better way to wrap up my weekend than spend a few minutes recognizing my moments of bliss over the course of the last week. So here I go...

1) The smell of fresh brewed coffee on Monday morning and caramel mocchiato creamer.

2) Spending time with my bestie supporting each other through rough work stuff and celebrating the planning of her impending nuptials. I love that our relationship is deep, strong and marvelously complicated.

3) Weekly chats with my Grams. I am so very lucky to still have her in my life.

4) Sorting out my licensure supervision and finding someone I trust and respect to work with.

5) My wacky selection of Pandora Radio stations to fit every mood.

6) My first 10 minutes this morning enjoying the warm sun, double rainbow and feeding the wild bunnies that live in our neighborhood, before the rain returned.

7) Having this afternoon off to myself today!

What has your bliss been this week?


  1. Yay! So glad you linked up and shared what's bringing you joy. I'm so excited you saw a double rainbow today. So cool - a great sign! Thanks for linking up to the Little Bliss List!

  2. your number 6 made my heart the happiest. All of these are fabulous reasons to find bliss!

    and what do you do as a social activist?

  3. @Phoenix - I consider myself a social justice activist on many levels. Part of that is how I choose to practice in my professional life. I am a therapist and really try to operate from a place that there is not "one right way" to serve people. I try to continually look at/shake up systems that impact those I serve and the community I choose to live in. I strive to pay attention to where I have unearned power and privilege, and how I can try to share/give away that power to others. On a very personal level, as someone that often does not fit into societal standards, I try to live my life intentionally, taking up space and not ask for forgiveness for who I am. Short story long, that's how I feel I am a social justice activist in my life.