Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blissful Bites #5

It’s been lots of busy and lots of bliss the last two weeks. I missed posting on the official Little Bliss List last week, and am getting it in under the wire this week!

1) Couples counseling! I love having time carved out specifically to actively work on making our marriage stronger.

2) I am really enjoying my team at work. They are smart, funny, compassionate people who work hard every day to bring quality mental health services to a very underserved community. How blessed am I?!

3) My parents came up this weekend to help out with some yard chores. Since buying our house in late summer, everything had already bloomed, blossomed and dried up. It’s nice having the help of seasoned home owners and gardeners to help us create a vision for our home.

4) All my bulbs are breaking ground! We planted a ton of tulips last fall and they started breaking ground this weekend. I am excited to see what our yard looks like in bloom.

5) Step-Mama’s lunch. I have been trying to actively create and join in community with other step-mamas. I went to a meet up a couple of weeks ago and hit it off with one mama in particular. Today we got together for lunch, and it was so affirming to share stories and get support. I am looking forward to developing this friendship more!

6) A hair cut! I got a new hair cut. I am diggin it, and I think I want to go a little shorter. It’s so nice having something quick and easy to just style and go!

What were your moments of bliss this week?

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