Saturday, March 17, 2012

Blissful Bites #6

I started writing this post for last week’s bit o’bites, and then the plague set in. I was out sick on Monday and have been limping through the last week. This list will be a combo of the two, both of which were filled with unexpected blissful bites!

An unexpected visit from one of my besties , at work a week ago Thursday. I was sitting in a LONG afternoon meeting when I got a text message she was in the lobby. It was a gorgeous afternoon and we sat in the parking lot, enjoying the sun and grabbing a few minutes of each other’s time. It was very revitalizing.

I got some new ink work done by the every fabulous Roll Hardy and will get more done this upcoming week!

Last Saturday we hosted another “crockpot, cheap wine and game night,” with so many wonderful friends who were in attendance! This house is a dream!! We had enough room for our dining table to be spread out long, surrounded by 10 plus beautiful souls, cheap wine, delicious food and more laughs than could be counted. We are certainly filling our home with positive energy and memories!

The hubs and I rearranged our livingroom and it’s great! He mounted our tv on the wall and we moved the furniture around and it completely opened up the place. There are a few kinks to work out and we still need to figure out some color for our walls, but all it all it’s lovely!

Lastly, everything is in bloom! I can’t wait for all the lovely flowers to pop open.

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  1. I'm hopping over from Liv's Bliss List - nice to meet you. It sounds like you had a blissful week. (I love the crock pot and cheap wine party!)