Tuesday, April 27, 2010

biking queen!

I am trying to become a bike commuter. I started last friday. It went really well. I made it into work with no problems. It only took me 30 minutes-ish, which really isn't much longer than the bus and I didn't have to fight anyone for a seat! ;)

After many suggestions from my fellow fatties on how to make the ride better, I was really excited that I didn't hurt after. It was a pain to have to drag extra clothes and such, since I really didn't have anything to pack them in. Fortunately this weekend I was able to purchase panniers for the bike. I bought nice bright red ones that hook easily on to the back.

When I shoved off yesterday morning, I felt like a real bike commuter. I actually rode to a doctors appointment and then to work. 6.5 miles of burning thighs and wind on my face. It was great! I still feel a little discombobulated when I am getting going or locking up. I am never quite sure how to lock up my bike. Blue Bell is a big girl, and doesn't slide in slickly as a road bike does. I watch people pull up, slap on their lock and run off. I am so not there yet. Mine is more like an awkward first date with a lot of nervous self-chatter and fumbling around my space. It's cool though. I'll get it and in the meantime, I am just enjoying the newness of it all.

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