Saturday, September 25, 2010

weekly update.

As I learned last school year, time flies when 2/3 of the family are in school! I wanted to make sure an log the adventures we do as a family, as sometimes we forget what we've been up too. My mom swears she can't remember the 80's because she was working full-time, raising kids, hauling us to girl/boy scouts, swimming, soccer, football etc. This is my new memory holder. :)

Gage started middle school this year. It was decided that staying at his current school was the best idea.. It runs k-8. He seems to like it. We went to his Back to School night this week and got to meet all his teachers. They all think he is the bees knees and will do great at mainstreaming this year. He's a really smart kiddo for sure, but like any middle schooler can use some work on motivation! ;)

The first week of school went well. We had Gage for two days, and had some fun. He told us all about his class. He has 8 people in his class and it's a mix of 6-8 graders. His old bestie from elementary is in his class, which made him pretty happy. He made a couple of new friends and seemed to be getting along well.

The second week we were back in our regular schedule and it was our long weekend with Gage. The school week seemed to go well. Alan decided to buy Gage a cell phone that way he could check in with us while he was maxing home from Boys and Girls Club, call his mom during the week and be in touch with his friends. It's a big responsibility and we are working with him on how to use it correctly and take care of it. He also got to start back at Boys and Girls Club. He really enjoys going there. They have tons of activities and he gets to socialize with kids outside of school. I think it has helped him a lot having another social avenue. I was gone for the weekend with the girls, but I heard rumors of lots of video game playing, pizza and movie watching with the boys. Some good father/son time indeed!

This week was the third week of school. Wednesday was a favorite, Spaghetti Dinner, at Chateau Du Mongoose. Since we all starting living together even before we got married, I worked really hard to make sure that we got to sit down together for dinner each night. I did this with my family growing up and it was such a good time to catch up and learn about what is going on in everyone's life. After dinner we all just chilled out and enjoyed each other's company. Thursday was the Back to School night at Gage's school. It was so fun to go and meet all his teachers, talk to them about how he is doing in school and let them know we wanted to be involved in his education. He proudly showed us all his artwork hanging on the wall, his desk and his friends. It was a fun night and it was one of those moments I really felt like a mom. Friday night we had a family meeting with the custody evaluator for the custody case we are currently involved in. After that, Gage and I convinced Alan to make us some home made Pad Thai while Gage played Wii. After dinner we introduced Gage to one of our favorite treats, YoCream. It is the most delicious treat where you get to pick your frozen yogurt from a rotating menu of like 8 kinds. Then you get to pick from the 12 dozen different toppings. It is a lovely treat to enjoy on a 70 degree sunny fall evening. After desert we poked around in a few stores. Gage got a new blue t-shirt and turquoise(his favorite color!)hat. This morning we got up and had a pancake breakfast together. Then we headed out to march in the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Fundraiser for SARC. We raised $550, and got 2nd place as a community fundraiser! It was great. Kelly, Micheal and Thunderfoot joined us for the march. It was so lovely to participate as a family for something so important.

So now we are rolling into the fourth week of school for the kiddo and I start school Monday. Wish us all here at Chateau Du Mongoose luck! We're going to need it!!

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