Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What a lovely end to Summer 2010!

This past weekend was the ending of our very short summer. Fortunately Alan had planned ahead and took Thursday and Friday off. We tried out kayaking for the first time and had a hoot of a time! We are both plotting and scheming how we can afford our own kayaks, but in the mean time, we are planning on renting from Next Adventure. Needless to say I was a little nervous going into this adventure, but our guides Jess and Nick were awesome. Super helpful guys that made the day amazing. As a fat girl I am always a little leery around the sporty folk. I consider myself pretty athletic and outdoorsy, but that can often get lost on others. No problems here. The guys were great at teaching me how to get into my boat with easy, using my core muscles to make paddling easier and just being great guides. I would totally recommend them!

After our kayaking trip we loaded up the car, picked up the kiddo and hit the road to Eugene. Friday morning we were up early and headed to the beach for a long weekend of camping. We joined my parents, one of my best friends Amber and her family, Rich and Louise and Diane and Alan. It was a great group! Amber's oldest son is a year younger than Gage and they get along famously. They spent the weekend running the campsite, sand boarding, swimming, biking, telling stories and just having a good old time.

You know what they say, if you hate to leave, it must have been a good vacation. That was certainly the case for all of us. We hated packing up Sunday morning and heading back to reality. Back to work, school and all the chores awaiting us at home. It was a good weekend though, and our first real camping trip as a family. I think we are all looking forward to our next camping adventure.

PS - I totally got to re-live my childhood and swam across the lake! When I was a little girl and attended summer camp at Camp Cleawox, the big deal was swimming across the lake. I think it was called Knights of the Dunes or something like that. I was pleased to find out that I am still a Knight and made it over and back in under 30 minutes!


  1. So, I always use you as my Fat is Fit example. People will say something ignorant about fat people just needing to be fit to be healthy, and I say "well, I have this friend, who is fat, and she is the most fit person I know. She bike rides, does yoga, plays kickball, swims, and on and on. So, your theory doesn't hold." I hope you don't mind being the Fat is Fit stereotype.

  2. awwww. that's really nice of you to say Cora. i am trying my best to the live the health at every size philosophy that i believe in. some days it's easier than others, but i just keep focusing on feeling good in my body.