Monday, May 30, 2011

What do to with sadness...

I've had a heavy heart lately. I know that it's a mixture of transition, disappointment, frustration and fear. All of it leaves me feeling unsure and sad. Normally I approach change with an open heart, but I am just not able to reach that spot right now. I am hoping that some of it is simply stress of the term ending and with the submission of my final portfolio, that these feelings will be lessened. I am hoping that with settling into a new pattern of life, I will be able to address it in a meaningful way. But, right now I am more inclined to lay on the bed screaming, "life's not fair!" A pretty thought, am I right?

I know I have been here before. I also know that life will get better. Yet right now, it's taking all I have to live simply, gently and at home in myself. So, I am going to take my mama's advice and go lay on my bed for a while and remind myself, that this too shall pass.

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