Wednesday, March 17, 2010

hey there girl...

our tech guy just arrived. only an hour and fifteen minutes late and without calling. then his opening line, instead of "sorry, i'm late," was "hey there girl, did you try to call me?" he's a pleasant enough fellow, but it drives me crazy that he's always late and calls me "girl" all the time. he can't be but a handful of years older than me. it wouldn't bother me if he were an old man, but some random guy? bleh.

it continued all morning. he called me "kiddo" to which i replied that i was not comfortable with that. he tried to make light of it. then when his two cronies showed up later he tried to make me feel guilty or embarrassed by announcing to them that they couldn't call me kiddo. it was ridiculous. they would have never done that to janine (who is in her 50's) or another man. gotta love the sexism is alive and well in the workplace!

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