Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a little about nothing...

I thought I would be a much more exciting blogger. Ok, I thought I would be better about updating daily because it's attached to my gmail account. Either way, I haven't been the best blogger. It's ok though. It must just mean I haven't had a lot to say the last few days.

I have been really tired. I was starting to come down with something right after finals, but I think I was able to fend it off with vitamins and sleep. Now I am just catching up on sleep missed during the term. I am really excited about next term. I am so glad to not be in class three nights a week. It will be nice, especially as the days get longer to come home and hang out with my hubby, and hopefully some night with my kiddo.

Speaking of kiddo, we had such a great weekend. We spent the whole day together on Saturday, just him and I. After he finished up his chores, we headed out to the Tidal Wave bookstore sale. He got two Calvin and Hobbes books and a couple of manga books all for $4. He was pretty stoked. After that we went to lunch at Red Robin. We ate lunch and played games together. Then we headed over and caught the early show. We saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He has all the books and has read many of them twice. We both thought the movie was pretty funny. He was excited to be able to tell his friends at school that he had seen it over Spring Break. After it all, he and his dad skateboarded to the playground to play some kickball and bbq with some friends. Like I said, it was a great day!

The kiddo has been dong a really good job trying to modulate his behavior. He really wants it to be easier. We are really proud of his work. He's a good kid, but you know - it's hard being a kid sometimes. Adults bossing you around. It's not fair. ;) But he's getting it. Slowly but surely. I just keep telling him, all we want you to do it get up every day and do your best. That, and that I love him.

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