Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Winter Term Grades

Just got my grades for Winter Term. I did alright, but am a little bummed. I got an A- in my Research class. I am ok with that. The main portion of the grade was a group project, which was a total pain. Now that it's all said and done, I am pleased with the grade.

In both Micro Theory and Generalist I got B's. The frustrating thing about these classes was that going into finals, I had no idea what my grade for either class was. In Generalist, it was because I had to turn in my paper late due to switching internships mid-year. In Micro Theory, it was because the majority of the class grade was based on a final paper (due the last day of class) and a take home final (due the last week of class). I hate when grading is set up this way. I feel like it doesn't give you the opportunity to work towards a good grade. You can be thinking the whole time that you "get it." But by then, you have just spent thousands of dollars and 10 weeks of your life to find out you didn't quite get it. oy.

Guess I shouldn't complain. 3.17 gpa this term in grad school is good. Just means I am going to have to work a little bit harder next term...

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