Friday, August 8, 2014

Let's try this...

I needed a change. So I decided to check out Pinterest to find new ideas for my wardrobe. I am a clothes horse and have lots of options, just no motivation. I had come to a place that my daily uniform consisted of figuring out new ways to wear yoga pants, tennis shoes and t-shirts in a way that looked "work appropriate."

For context, I work in an urgent walk-in clinic where no two days are ever the same. Some days we are slammed, meaning we are running between clients, trying to chart in a timely fashion and while ensuring that folks who are in crisis are getting their needs met. Other days I barely leave my office chair for 8 hours. I had found that the yoga uniform was comfortable for either situation, however I felt frumpy and felt overwhelmed by the task of finding comfort and style. Enter Pinterest.

I loved surfing through the pins looking for styles that matched my personality and fashion sense. I found combinations of textures and patterns that I would have never thought of myself. The one thing I found missing were bodies that looked like mine. All the women in this beautiful clothes were perfectly proportioned. They were classic size 16 with an hourglass figure. As I looked at all these outfits, I kept thinking how would that look on me? I am fat, almost 40 years old and no where near "all the right curves," so how was I to translate this fashion to me?

Then I got an idea. What if I just tried outfits and took a picture in it. This way, I could see how it looked on me. I started doing that for a couple days and I started to feel a change. I found myself wanting to try new outfits. I felt sexy, flirty, professional, dare I say, fashionable! I felt more brave in my choice and was enjoying the feedback I would get when something I put together looked particularly cute.

All this is how I got to this post. I decided I would start blogging what I was wearing and then pin it to Pinterest. Perhaps there are others out there, shaped like me that are just waiting to stumble across an outfit on a body that looks similar to theirs....

Sweater by The Avenue
Dress by Torrid. Leggings by Lane Bryant, Shoes by Crocs

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