Thursday, August 14, 2014

When I'm feeling shitty...

It's been a rough week.  Not just rough, but truly soul aching.  People in my life, both personally and professionally have been struggling and sometimes it is hard to bear witness to.  With the recent suicide of Robin Williams, the talk of depression and suicide have been on the forefront of social media, the news and many conversations this week.  I am so glad people are talking, sharing their feelings and creating space for dialog to happen.  Also, I am feeling super tender about it.  I feel like I have very few spaces where this conversation is not happening all the time.

There has also been the brutal murder of Mike Brown, a young black man, by a police officer in Ferguson Missouri.  By all accounts he was a good kid, getting ready to go to college like thousands of other kids this fall and arguably due to racism, is now dead.  Not only has his bright star been dimmed, but a whole community is suffering because of it.  I don't know how anyone can deny that we have a serious problem in this country that needs to be addressed now.  We are not post anything.  We are actively racists.  From our foreign policy, to how we treat children escaping violence in other countries and seeking refuge here, to educational policy, to stop and frisk laws, driving while black/brown and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Institutional racism is destroying our future and making the here and now nearly impossible for many people.

All this being said, in order to feel like I am showing up and being present with those who need my support, I have to feel good.  Part of me feeling good is dressing myself in a way that is physically comfortable and fashionably fulfilled.  Here are my ideas for comfort dressing this week...

 This is an old Lane Bryant dress that I got from a clothing swap 
and I threw on some LB leggings and Crocs for comfort. 
 This is a Torrid dress and belt, LB leggings and Old Navy cardi
 Comfy Avenue capris and shoes with an LB top.
Lastly a splash of color to brighten up my spirits.  
Top and jeans from LB.  Fancy shoes by Torrid

I am feeling a bit nervous about posting about my fashion, suicide and racism in one post and I think it accurately represents some of the complexity that exists in the world.  I cannot occupy one space or idea all the time.  I have to create a space where my brain, body and spirit can take a break. I know that this is a privilege and I truly believe everyone deserves it.  I want to support and encourage anyone who reads this to take care of themselves, in what ever way feels true to them.  Just as it is so important that we are taking care of each other, we need to be sure to take care of ourselves as well...

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